Hannibalito 3.

This is our longest working and most developed robot to date. The original robot was built in 2007, after a rather disappointing event with Hannibalito 2 which we sold to a team in the UK. There Hannibalito 2 is still running under the name Wedgie.

Hannibalito 3 is a full pressure flipper robot, featherweight (max 13.6kg), and has won several Dutch and German championship titles.

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Hannibalito 3 at the Mad Metal Machines event in Bochum, Germany in 2015.

This is the current status of the 2015 rebuild, where we revert the robot back from brushless drive to regular permanent magnet brushed drive motors.



As you can see it is quite a mess at the moment but it will be all right in a week or two, promise. 🙂



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