Bronebot, Moscow

Bronebot Moscow a huge success!


With robots and roboteers from Russia, UK, Belgium and the Netherlands, this event in the Olympic Stadium in Moscow was one of the biggest events we’ve ever had the pleasure to be a part of. And a pleasure it has been.

Ripper flipping our Kan-Opener in the air.


Russian robots battling it out (noise warning, very distorted music).

Featherweights duking it out, including Rip (uk), Block of Wood (UK), Perun, and Hannibalito 3.


The entire event is super professional and set up with future events in mind. I really hope that their next event will be even bigger and stronger, with more Russian roboteers with a robot that can compete with the British and us. We had a kind of separate competition and let the Russians  fight amongst themselves mostly up to the last session on Tuesday where everything was allowed to be smashed to smithereens.

It was a great event, and we would do it again if they ask us. The organizers are excellent hosts, and listening to our input to improve matters both in terms of safety and in show quality  (case in point, application of a pit, which makes combat a lot more exciting). The Russian roboteers were also very happy to see and hear that we had no problem to open up our robots to let them see and feel it all, and to explain everything they wanted to know.  The sport is still fairly new for them, and our experience can be invaluable for these Russian starters. We hope this will improve the quality of the Russian robots even more in future events. It has already been an improvement over the last event. Their determination and eagerness to learn is astounding.


More pictures and media here: Babeths’ pictures of Bronebot Moscow 2016