Bullfrog_arenaBullfrog was our Heavyweight (100kg/220lbs maximum weight) robot. It features a very low but powerful pneumatic flipper capable of launching opponents of equal weight out of the arena. The flipper is powered by CO2, where a large pilot assisted valve feeds into a 140mm diameter ram capable of lifting with 8 tonnes of force.

Some images of the building process:









Bullfrog was originally built together with Tony Fowler in the UK. After Tony decided to stop with heavyweight robots due to health reasons, we set off rebuilding the machine from the ground up, eliminating various issues we encountered with it in the past. This is a picture of how Bullfrog looked before:



The Ram was a lot smaller then but still capable of making decent flips. This robot has always been great fun to drive, both in the old and new configuration.

bullfrog 002


bullfrog 004 Bullfrog anno 2016.


Bullfrog is no longer part of Team RCC. It has been sold to a team in the UK.

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