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Hannibalito 3 Wins featherweight competition.

After receiving quite a lot of damage on Saturday and some quick repairs, Hannibalito 3 went on during the competition on Sunday to win all its matches and becoming the overall champion of Facts 2016 autumn edition. We are very pleased with the results. Babeth also did great on Perun in the Raptor class. As soon as we have photos and videos we will keep you posted.

Bronebot Moscow a huge success!


With robots and roboteers from Russia, UK, Belgium and the Netherlands, this event in the Olympic Stadium in Moscow was one of the biggest events we’ve ever had the pleasure to be a part of. And a pleasure it has been. The professionalism and hospitality of this event are second to none.

Robot Wars UK 2016 update.

Sadly our team with Bullfrog did not get selected for Robot Wars 2016. We wish all the teams that got selected all the best, and good fights!

Team RCC goes to Moscow!

Team RCC will be joining several UK teams and compete in Moscow Russia. We will be attending with Kan-Opener and Hannibalito 3. This will be a 3 day event on the 21st until the 23rd of February.

Sadly no Battlebots, Robot Wars still on the table.

Unfortunately Battlebots has declined our application. We will continue to work on the new robot for 2017. Meanwhile Team RCC has applied for the new series of Robot Wars for BBC 2 in March. We will be bringing Bullfrog along if Robot Wars accepts our application. Fingers crossed!


Team RCC Joins forces to compete in Battlebots 2016

Team RCC, Team Kodox (Tough as Nails), Team Cavecrusher, and Team Gravity are joining forces as Team Dutch Robot Guys to build and compete with a completely new robot in the US competition Battlebots 2016.


The details of the new robot are of yet a secret but the Battlebots submission has taken place. We are waiting for approval to start building. If all goes right we will be going to the United States in April for competing and recording. The event will be broadcast by the ABC network over the summer period.

Nebelwerfer 2 and Valkiri 3 win Antwerp convention 2015!

Nebelwerfer 2 in the raptorweight class and Valkiri 3 in the featherweight class maximized their full potential and won the championship during the Antwerp Convention 2015 in Antwerpen, Belgium. Valkiri 3 also did a demonstration by destroying a vacuum cleaner, to the delight of the crowd that gathered for our battles during the day. This event was a great success for Dutchrobotgames and Team RCC alike. We hope to return to Antwerp Convention next year!


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